Empower Your Customers With More Payment Options

A key piece of every merchant solution is the ability to accept all forms of payment, including checks. But check acceptance presents a number of challenges, ranging from time lost making daily trips to the bank, NSF charges, and loss and theft of paper checks.


With C&H’s check acceptance programs you can confidently drive more traffic to their business by empowering customers with more payment options. Reduce the costs and risks associated with accepting paper checks and ‘skip trips to the bank’ with our Check Guarantee and Conversion program. Or, using an intuitive web-based interface and an imager connected to a PC, electronically deposit checks in any environment… at the point of sale, through the mail, or via a drop box. Our ACH product is the perfect solution for property management, storage facilities, medical offices or anywhere recurring payments are used.

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  • ACH

  • POS Check Conversion & Guarantee

  • Paper Guarantee

  • Check 21

  • Checks by Web

  • Checks by Phone

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